Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas!

So first I want to point out how very different mine and Trevor's families are. My family is very laid back and really just likes to get together and relax. Where as with Trevors family his mom always wants every get together to be something amazing with all kinds of stuff to be done.

Kadence waiting to open his presents at my Grandma's house

My little sister Erin and her baby Demi

My Aunt Dawn and Grandpa waiting for presents.

My Grandma and My cousin Christopher handing out Gifts.

My little sister Tyler's Christmas face :) she is so much like me!

My Dad being blinded.

We all take turns opening presents! Kadence got to go first this year!

I didnt get many more pictures of this because I was holding Demi and well he is to adorable to not pay attention to!

Santa Came!

Little man tearing into his presents!

Kadence and Daddy playing on Kadence's Big Car! '

I didnt get any pictures at Trevor's Mom's house! There was just to much going on for me to even think to take pictures!

How was your Christmas?

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