Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cold weather and the flu

Have you ever noticed that cold weather and the flu go hand in hand? Like as soon as it starts getting cold people start getting sick! 

In our house everyone is so healthy when it warms up but as soon as it starts to get cold I get sick and then everyone typically follows. 

We have all been sick since before Christmas in our house. I was the worst of all. It was awful! Absolutely horrible. I was so sick that I not only couldn't take care of myself but hubs and the kids were on their own as well. 

I am finally starting to feel like a somewhat healthy human again and you know what happened? I screwed up on of my teeth. It's cracked or broken or something equally horrible. So now even though I'm not sick I am in terrible pain. Seriously the worst ever. I can tolerate so much pain it not even funny but tooth pain I just can't deal with! 

I've been taking some over the counter stuff to help with the pain and I am calling a dental clinic today to see about getting it removed but it's going to be costly. Which sucks but right now I just don't care. I can't function when I am in pain like this. 

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