Thursday, December 25, 2014


Christmas... A time for gift giving and spending time with family. A time to show people how much you really care about them. That is what I was taught growing up. From what I have gathered that is what most people were taught. 

In our house I try so hard to keep up with the caring aspect of it all, I try to show everyone how mug I care for them with the gifts I have typically made for them. Yet as the kids get older it seems to be more and more difficult to do this. They seem to expect everything from everyone. It's not even noon and we have already had 2 different "is this all I'm gettings" on top of that we have had a child that didn't care about anything they received. They literally opened their gifts and chucked them to the side. Typically this would be followed with a super excited time of playing with said new things but this time it's not happening. Our ungrateful children decided that Christmas was the perfect day to be total asshats. The trashed houses, asked fathers the rest of their present were, told people that they hated the things that they were given. They were fucking awful. Never in my life have I been so embarrassed of these kiddos. Normally they are awesome. Christmas. Nope not fucking happening. 

I used to lie Christmas so fucking much. Now I fucking despise this shit. Seriously despise this shit. I'm dread Christmas morning more than anything else in the world. All I can think is that when we wake up in the morning these kids are going to rip through all this shit and then ask for more or say they hate it. Why bother with this shit. I'm so done with this bullshit. 

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