Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Time Flies, Things Change, Life Goes On

The first thing I asked myself when I pulled up my blog was HOW IN THE HELL HOW IT BEEN OVER A FUCKING YEAR SINCE I HAVE POSTED! I mean seriously! The last thing I posted was in March of 2013!!! HOLY HELL! So much has happened! Life is completely different!

Time Flies, Things Change, Life Goes On!

So yeah ^^ That cute little saying is what this post is about!

The first thing is that time fucking flies by without us even noticing it! My kid is 5 and in fucking kindergarten now! HOLY SHIT! RIGHT?

Look at that kid! He is like a little friggin adult now! WOAH! 

I am in college now too! That is something that I am really friggin proud of but always seem to forget to tell people about LOL! 


I FUCKING GOT MARRIED! Yeah you read that right! I got fucking married! 

Well before that happened I actually met this really awesome fucking guy that completed me in every way I could have ever even tried to imagine! 

Here's a picture of that awesome guy :)   (he's on the left) 

Now onto the wedding stuff!!! Here are some of our epic pictures!!

This was the final throw together before we walked 

There's Hubs and his Mom and Dad walking

My amazing step-daughter and my besties daughter, they were half of the flower girls 

Hub's nieces the other half of our flower girls

Our boys, they were our ring bearer's, they both have a transformer that has a ring tied around the neck

In case you were wondering we were all staring at the ground because it was raining and we were walking in puddles! 

This picture right here is my all time favorite! this was right as we were announced husband and wife :) You can see the pure joy in my face and the relief in his :) 

A photo of his vows

The one above and the one below are us getting our rings for the exchange 

One of my awesome sister's-in-law

our soggy wet sand ceremony 

Our first kiss as husband and wife

we got a few of these really fun heart picture 

Deep down we are both goof balls and had a blast with our photography

me and all my ladies ;) 

We got a bunch of really good pictures of us and our kiddos but this is by far one of my favorites!

But this one is still in the running for favorite!

This is my other sister-in-law, hubs/my bestie and myself 

and here are a couple drunk selfies from our reception! 

Dont worry I will for sure take the time later tonight possibly tomorrow to post different/some of the same pictures with a whole story of the day! 

But as you can see Time Flies, Things Change, and Life Goes on. 

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