Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A pretty cool site!

So I am constantly trying to get cheap/free things to review! I actually have a huge stash of things that i need to review and post! I am just lazy! LOL anyways back on topic! One of my fav sites ever is influenster.com

It is pretty awesome! You sign up and earn badges and in return you get a voxbox! Now I know that you are probably sitting there thinking WTH is a voxbox Megan? and the answer is simple it is what you get from influesnter! It is jammed packed full of goodies for you to try out and review! I have only gotten one of these but it was soo much fun! Came with all kinds of samples and FULL size products to try out! 

You should sign up! or at least check it out! You can click the link above! 

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