Monday, November 12, 2012

Sh*t my son says

So my child is known for cracking people up with the stuff that he says! for example:

I wake up to hear him in his room playing saying " You the bitch! No you the bitch" ( no clue where he picked that one up!) 

He is in his room cleaning while I am in the living room cleaning he yells from his room " MOOOOMMM! Mooom!" I yell back " What Kadence?" He then says " MOM! Are you in the wall?"  I then answer " No Kadence, I am not in the wall why would I be in the wall" in return I get " It sounds like you are in the wall mom, What are you doing in the wall" so I say" Kadence I am not in the wall! I am in the livingroom" He then says " Mom you are lying to me, I know you are in the wall" I had to go into his room to prove to him that I was not in the wall! 

Just this morning he was laying in my bed with me adn looks at me and says " Mom, am I a robot?" I tell him " No lovey, You are not a robot" He looks at me and says " Yeah Huh mom feel!" while touching his ribs, so I feel his ribs and let him know, " Kadence those are your bones, you are not a robot!" and once again i am lying to him because he says " No mom I am a robot on the inside! Dont lie to me" 

A few days after Halloween he asked me if he could have some candy when I told him that he couldnt he responded with " But mom I will die!" 

Do your kids say off the wall shit like this?

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