Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It is getting cold!

Omg it is getting cold and fast too! A few weeks ago I was still able to get away with wearing capris not I am seriously thinking about going out and getting a winter coat! What is the weather like where you? Hopefully its not that bad! 

I have been sucking at posting lately.. I just dont know what to post about. I should probably find another blog challenge or something so that I dont have a choice but to post daily. I feel like I am neglecting you guys! Sorry! 

On a side note Kadence made a new "friend" today! I was doing laundry and Kadence walks past me and says " Mom, Force is helping me throw the trash away" So I ask him "Who is Force?" To which he replies "MOOOOOMM! Force is my BEST FRIEND! " I was really confused like really really confused so I turned and asked him to tell me about force, ya know where does he live where are his parents what does he look like stuff like that Kadence then tells me " He is WHITE mom (apparently I should have known that) he lives with me, I am his mommy and daddy!" Finally I ask Kadence to just show me Force so I can meet him. He quickly said ok and runs to me! He says that he has him in his hands so I turn to look... And guess what my awesome son is holding??? A FRIGGIN DRYER SHEET!!!!! Yup thats right my child is so deprived of other child interaction that he is now befriending dryer sheets! I really just dont know how I feel about this LOL

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