Tuesday, November 20, 2012

friggin A I suck at this challenge LOL

Day 10  A dream for the future 

My end goal is to be sucessful! I just want to prove to the world that I am not my mother. I am waay better than she is! 

Day 11  Who can’t you live without?

The one person in the world that I cant live with out is my son! He is the light to my day! 

Day 12  If you could wish for anything that would come true, what would you wish for? 

I would wish for my life to figure out where it is going. I want to know that I am on the right track to the rright place. 

Also my dearest followers I am so sorry that I wasnt on here updating like I promised you that I would be. I have had a lot of personal shit going on along with the worst hangover ever on sunday! I am so sorry! 

So what are your dreams for the future? Who is the one person that you can't live without? 
What would your wish be? 

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