Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 22

Day 22: Bullet your whole day. 

  First I would like to point out that I was kind of freaking out because I didnt update this morning but then I was soooo happy when I saw that the challenge for today was to bullet the whole Day! WOO HOO 

  •  Woke up waay to early 
  • Tried to go back to sleep
  • Failed miserably because Kadence woke me up
  • Laid in bed and pretended to be asleep for a little bit
  • finally looked at the clock! 
  • only to find out that it was only 7:15! 
  • Got online for a little bit
  • Decided that we all needed to have donuts for breakfast
  • checked phone bestie had been having contractions but they were gone
  • went to the store to get donuts got lots of donuts and bug juice and an energy drink also a newspaper
  • Talked to bestie about basically nothing LOL 
  • Came home ate donuts with Kadence read the paper ( was pissed that the coupons sucked! )
  • Trevor finally got up! 
  • Forced trevor to eat a donut. 
  • Watched Dinosaurs with the family
  • Got a call from bestie she as having prego issues 
  • rushed to besties house! 
  • Then off the the hospital we go
  • Stopped at walgreens for drinks and snacks along the way LOL 
  • got to the hospital almost cussed the nurse out for being slow! 
  • Finally got to the maternity ward!
  • Sat around for hours to find out that they dont know what is wrong with bestie
  • at some point in time I ripped the ass out of my jeans!!! 
  • finally got to leave the hospital went to dillons to fill bestie scripts 
  • then we went to Taco Tico for $0.50 tacos!
  • stopped at Denny's so man bestie could turn in an app
  • hit up the gas station for a much needed mountain dew
  • got back to besties! 
  • dealt with besties MIL asking 8000000000000000000 questions! 
  • fed kids tacos
  • hung out for a little bit
  • headed home
  • watched something with the family
  • decided we were hungry
  • went to IHOP 
  • got horrible service and cold food. 
  • Trevor still tipped like $9! 
  • Left IHOP 
  • went to walmart to get some groceries 
  • now we are home and getting ready for bed. 
  • Good night

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