Sunday, July 15, 2012

Here we are...

Here we are at the start of yet another blog! maybe this time i will keep up with this one LOL I will most likely forget my URL again! Go figure! Any who here are the basics about me and mine.

I am Megan. The biotch that is going to try her hardest to keep up on this thing! I am Mommy to an awesome sauce 3 year old boy who on here will be called Kadence or 3yr old or sometimes douche waffle oh and occasionally stinky. I am fostering 2 of my nieces for now. They are currently both 9 their birthdays are super close but soon one will be 9 and one will be 10. any ways the younger girl that just turned 9 would be Emma also know as boo boo, the good one and the one that might turn out to be a stripper! The older of the girls is Molly, she will most likely be called the mouthy one, and Moll Moll... Then you have my amazing boyfriend who is only called that when i am not mad at him, His name is Trevor, but there are days that I will call him basically everything except his name, so just a heads up if you are reading this and you randomly see something that says "THAT DOUCHE WAFFLE..." It is most likely referring to him. He is also called SO, douche canoe, ass hat, jack wagon, the big stinky (I will eventually explain why the boys are called stinky)and so many more names. Last person in my house is CJ. He is our roommate. He is called either Cj or the room mate/roomie.

As we go I will introduce and explain names/people.

Today we are going to talk about things I never thought that I would have to say!

The first one happened yesterday. My son has a bunch of mosquito bites and he apparently has some on his ass because he was rubbing his ass on my foot saying "MOOOMMMM, Itch my butt!!" to which I responded with " NO! I will not itch your butt! Itch your own butt!!"

** never in my life did I ever think that I would have to say that I wouldn't itch someone else's but!**

Our next thing I never thought that I would say in my life...

Our family is NOT a morning type of family we are all grumpy and lazy all EXCEPT for Kadence.  Kadence loves the mornings that is when he is the perkiest! Kadence has this habit of telling me when he is going to the bathroom which is fine because if he is going to poop he needs the toilet paper that I refuse to leave in the bathroom because he will make the biggest fucking mess in the world. Well this morning Kadence tells me that he has to go pee so I tell him then go!. About ten minutes later I hear "MOOOOMMMMM! I need some paper towel" (toilet paper)(not sure why he calls it paper towel) So I yell back that I am getting it and to just wait. So there I am rushing to find the damn toilet paper that I cant remember to where I put and he yells " I will just wipe it on the towel!" omfg are you serious! I yell back "DO NOT WIPE YOUR BUTT ON THE TOWELS!!!!!!"  never in my life did I think that I would have to say that or anything close to that! what the hell is wrong with my child why would he ever think that it was OK to wipe his nasty little butt on the damn towels in the bathroom!

Till next time lovies


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