Friday, July 27, 2012

Too Much to Handle anymore

Many people know that I have been fostering my nieces for about a month now.  Let me tell you something these girls are tough. They are 9 and 10 and they are waaaaaaaaaaay too much for me to handle I cant do it anymore. They cuss me out on a regular basis, they have taught Kadence to cuss at me. They hit me they hit my son. Now all of that is bad but has been dealt with. Molly understands that she needs to behave for me in order to be able to do anything. Emma though. Of Emma. she can be such a sweet child one second and then the devil the next! Emma tells me every day that she hates me and that she doesn't want to live with me. (i can deal with that) Emma had run away from me before because she was in trouble for hitting my son. That time I spent and hour chasing her down. But yesterday, yes yesterday Emma crossed every fucking line there ever was! Our days started out with poor little man screaming his head off because Emma's punk ass decided that it would be a good idea to wake him up by stomping  on his junk! OMFG ARE YOU SERIOUS? Yeah so while i am trying to calm my poor little guy down Emma thinks that she is going to play the Wii.. Yah, Um no get off the Wii and get your ass in the corner! She then proceeds to throw a huge fit about it saying that she didst mean to step on him.. What ever whatever. I know she did. I heard her telling her sister that she was going to do. thus the reason I was the one who snatched her up when she did. any ways fast forward to about 4 ish. Trevor is at work and has been. I ask Emma if she has fed and watered the dog. she says no I ask her why she says because SHE IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY! Um I'm sorry little girl last I checked you weren't my fucking responsibility and I still take care of you and feed you all the fucking. I then explained to Emma that if she doesn't go feed the dog like she was told she can go to bed right then and there she goes out to feed her and the dog MAGICALLY gets off her line. our dog is far from trained so of course she is running all over the damn yard. Emma tells me that Annie got off her line. i told her to put he back on it. She says OK.. About 10 minutes later she still isn't inside and molly has gone out to help her. I look out the window and that child is beating my dog with A FUCKING PVC PIPE!!! I fly out of the house and ask her WTF she was doing she then calmly explains to me that she is trying to get the dog all hyped up and that hitting her is OK because she is just a dog and it doesn't matter! LAST FUCKING STRAW RIGHT THERE!!!. I haul her ass inside and she is just there. she doesn't care. I tell her that she is done in my house and to go pack her stuff. she walks away calling me names whatever not a big deal at the moment. The worker was set to be at my house any time. i wait outside for her. she shows up and asks me what is going on so I tell her what has been happening. and all that jazz she then tried to tell me that it has just been a bad day and that the next day will be better. I lost it right there went all crazy white trash lady and screamed at her in my front yard. telling that I love these kids but I cant fucking do it anymore. they don't fucking listen they are putting to much stress on me. She finally agrees that she will find them another place. GREAT! fast forward to about 8 we are walking home from a friends house.. Emma then decides to runaway. I cant chase her because i have 2 other fucking kids with me. I get home and call the emergency line for the agency they are working with to let them know that this child has run away again! they tell me to call the cops and report it. Just as I am calling Emma is walked up by her aunt. Apparently she ran to their house and told her aunt and grandma that she left because I beating her!!!! OMFG REALLY CHILD REALLY? I calmly explain that no I haven't been beating her. and then tell Emma to go to bed. Which she is more than happy to do. FUCKING SHIT MAN! I cant do this anymore.

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