Saturday, July 21, 2012


Laharpe, ks is a tiny little town one of those where you better not blink or you might miss it. I lived there for 2 years. I made some of the best friends anyone could have. I also made a lot of memories. One of the best friends I have ever had was Morgan... Morgan died almost 4 years ago in a car accident. We were in Laharpe today and it brought back so many memories. It does every single time but this time was different. It was more than normal. Maybe it was because we drove past my old house and the first thing I remembered was that Morgan helped me paint my room apple red in that house because I loved that color. I miss him so much I wish more than anything in the world that I could see him again. I wish that I could just tell him that I miss him and that I hope he is ok. That I could really use him right now with everythign that is going on. I still call him sometimes. I will just randomly dial his number when something crazy has happened or I am upset. Any other time I cant remember his number but when I need him the most it is the first number I dial.

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