Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 16

Day 16 : A Letter To : -Someone that’s not in your state/country

Dear Grandma and PaPa, 
I know that I have been difficult to talk to over the last several years and I am sorry for that, but I need you to remember that I have grown up a lot of the last several years. I am not that little girl that you remember from so long ago. I love you and miss you terribly but I can't let you treat me like I am child anymore that is part of the reason that I don't call anymore. That and the fact that you always act like you are better than everyone. You aren't just so you know. you are just the same as everyone else. Sure you have earned the respect of people but so have I. I deserve to be respected just as much as the next person. I hope that you guys are doing ok. 

Love megan. 

On a side note this is my 100th post! :):) 

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