Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 3

 Day 3 : A Letter To Your parents

I am going to write separate letters to my parents but I am also going to do this a little different than most people. I have my mom and then I have Boady and Pat. Boady is the dad that raised me. And Pat is my biological dad, Anyways I just thought that i would let you guys know that before hand :):)

It has been months since I have spoke to you. And to be honest I dont really care. You are by far the most hurtful person I have ever known. You will always be my mom and I will always love you but to be 100% honest I am happier without you in my life. It pains me to know that my son will never know you but at the same time I am happy that he wont because I dont want him to know you. He has other family here that will be better to him and for him. I am sorry that you arent in the best of health but maybe just maybe it is because of all of the bad things that you have done to everyone that you loved... 


Hey pops, Hows life? I am so happy that I was lucky enough to have you as my dad growing up but I feel like that since I have "grown up" we have become more and more distant... I know i know it is i a 2 way street and all that jazz but sometimes I feel like you dont really care if we talk. IDK maybe I am just being dramatic.. Any ways I love you old man! 


I am so happy that I got to meet you! I remember the day that I met you! One of the first things that you said to me was that I looked just like my mom. That still holds true too LOL! I know that I have said some hurtful things to you through the years. I was just upset and hurt. I thought that you didnt want to be around or want anything to do with me. I know now that that was wrong. I am happy that I was able to get over that and that we have gotten so much closer! I was so excited that you were here for christmas last year! I really hope that you can come again sometime! I love you! 


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