Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 20

Day 20: A Letter To : -The one that broke your heart the hardest

Dear Heart Breaker, 

We were together for so long and did so well. I don't remember for the life of me why we broke up the first time but we did and it hurt. I moved out of town and was gone for 2 years, when I came back you were one of the first people I wanted to see so i called you and you came running to see me. I knew the moment I saw you that we still had our spark. We got back together with in the week. You amazed me daily. I was so in love with you. I remember that on Christmas morning you showed up extra early so that you could wake me up and give me my ring :) It was so sweet! Things were going great for us but then it all just changed all of the sudden.. You broke up with me on Valentines day! I was crushed! Completely and totally crushed. Come to find out weeks later you broke up with me because I didnt do my hair and make up anymore... That was so shallow of you. You broke my heart so bad then you would have thought that I had learned my lesson but nope I let you do it to me 2 more times. But now I know better. I know that I will always love you but that you arent the one for me. I have forgiven you for hurting me and only want the best for you. 


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